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Welcome to my portfolio.

Below I got some work examples of projects I worked on.

What I do:

• programming: Java, C#, C++ (Unity)

• animations:

3D with MAXON Cinema4D and

2D with ADOBE AfterEffects

Some of my Work you can find here:


• music: short Jingles and soundtracks


Age Of Antpiles (2017) – programming

2D pixel art game, point and-click, two player game, try to kill the enemies ant queen.

Worlds Edge(2017) – world design and music

3D low poly, 4 player asynchronous multiplayer party game


Bullet from my Valentine (2017) – programming and soundtrack

2D Bullet-hell game with flat story. Anime style

Mörtel Combat (2018) – programming, map design and soundtrack

3D 4 player game, collect resources bring them to the ‘maker machine’ (first player of each team), raise your building with the right resources (with quick time events)(second player of each team)

BotanicaThe Gardening Game (2018) – Google Maps integration and and 2d assets

2D mobile game, find your flowers on the map grow them and interact with other players flowers, real movement required


Pictures will be available in the future.